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The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel - Launch Date

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Hello there! 


Here it is for those who have been following my sneak peeks on social media! Super excited to share the trailer created for TSoaGA! You can also view it on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram IGTV


(Follow @mel.e.furnish for quick updates and sneak peeks!)



Watch on YouTube:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/dEzf6nH48yw <


The eBook is available for order now here:

> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V2ZLCF5/ <


The paperback you can order from this shop from me ( for $3.99) and save at least $2


or from Amazon for $5.99 > Amazon Order <




At > mel-e-furnish.shop <


02/01/2021 - 02/10/2021


When you order a book, you will qualify for a 50% OFF coupon for a mug or blanket of your choice!




To get your discount, once your order is confirmed, you must follow these steps:


1.) Send a screenshot or invoice of the order to mel.e.furnish.shop@gmail.com


2.) Share this link > https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V2ZLCF5/ < with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and or Instagram!




For a 75% OFF discount on any blanket or mug, once the eBook has arrived for your Kindle or the paperback has been delivered to your door:


1.) Please post a picture or screenshot of the book you ordered, give a shoutout or read it and give a review!


2.) MAKE SURE to tag/mention @mel.e.furnish.shop, 

- and if you request, your photo can be featured in the shop!

- (If you do not tag the shop, you won't get your discount!)


Once you have completed either set of steps or all of these steps, you will get your discount(s)!


Yes, you can earn BOTH and use it on separate orders to save money on any blanket(s) or mug(s) you choose.



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