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Dayne & Darzith - RELEASE DATE

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The moment you've been waiting for: the release date for the new short story, Dayne & Darzith, will be February 10th, 2022!
Pre-order from Amazon, and it will be sent straight to your kindle for your reading pleasure! Order the ebook here: > https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09RGLLQ2Y <
There will be a discount offered soon for the Paperback here in the shop! Be sure to subscribe to get notified of when it is available! 
Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as this page-turner enraptures you in a mystery thrill ride! Discover what happens in Dayne's past, a man who suffers numerous dark days but pushes on.
Dayne was first introduced in the super edition, Shadow of Secrets.
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Dayne & Darzith - Summary:
Year 970, Winter
King Sodin Draco Flarein has ordered his men to massacre one of the last Invi tribes descended from Blaze, God of Fire.

Dayne's story takes a dark turn after he and his best friend complete a suicide mission to save his people… Dayne's life is a constant battle as he struggles to find his purpose in this cruel world… Despite the suffering and loss he endures, he remains determined to uphold his word to those he loves… For a tale about helping others and finding hope despite the despair, step into his life in the short story, Dayne & Darzith.











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