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November 2020 Updates

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* Book Two News *

"Magic" in my books is first introduced as something that is merely a gift that can be passed down through bloodlines or "blessed" to select Razi babies by a specific Divine Rank member.

However, in the next book, the real origin behind magical abilities will be revealed. A dragon and the scientist Kyano will be involved in this truth coming out. Some more "religious" beings, who worship their own particular deity, will deny the science.

The lucky man who learns from an ancient wise dragon (who has studied humans, Razis, elves, dwarves, and many other creatures for years) gets the knowledgeable beast’s approval to write and share the wisdom.

Yet, this is terrible news for some of the weaker gods. The belief and following they carry is what mostly fuels their power and standing. So the truth will hurt some of them, but it’s a revelation that must spread.

The strongest gods earn their power through standing up and fighting for something others have a passion for. The gods that will last are the ones who maintain powerful influence; the ones who fade are the ones who aren't involved and actively working toward something.

I'm excited to share the real source of "power" and abilities that my characters carry. It's something unlike most. 👀✍🏻


An Upcoming Short Story...


The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel

Based at the same time as Book Two, this short story is from another character who is facing different struggles and battles. As we all face different things in life, this short story will dive deeper into the other storylines within the series.

The reader will discover what happens to Cythia and Fitin. They both make sacrifices to uncover the truth behind their recent battle with her unfortunate news in "Part Two, Omen of Demise.” Despite the pain they face in Book One, their future has a bright beacon of hope, but of course, it comes with a price.

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