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As many of you know, the next book in the series, The Chronicles of Enchantments, will follow the events of the first book in The Legend of Evaleana saga, The Deity Jewels. This second book of Eva's saga will feature more backstories and revealing long-lost secrets. It is based in the same time frame as the short story, The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel as well as the first book in Melainie's upcoming saga, Seeking the Truth.

This next addition will be titled, The Prophecy of Elements, and will continue the tales of many beloved characters and hated villains from prior books.


Immediately picking up after the events of The Final Battle of The Dark War, Evaleana assembles her most trusted allies to form a strong advice council for her future ventures. Despite their disapproval of her first task, Eva teams up with an old friend to hunt down the treacherous Princess Lilymay. As the abrupt mission comes to a close with a horrendous mistake, Eva is faced with an unexpected visitor who saves her from herself. But can he save her and the world from what her aberration will soon unleash? Enchantress Evaleana and her friends must travel to an ancient land untouched by the evil that lurks at their heels. There, they will discover more abilities long lost from common knowledge that will either forge or destroy their future.



Upcoming books of The Chronicles of Enchantments:


Melainie's Saga:

Seeking the Truth

~ Shortly following the super edition, Shadow of Secrets, Queen Melainie yearns to uncover more answers behind her strange birth and unusual blood. As Melainie and Kaynen try to send help to Eva and Torrick for The Final Battle of The Dark War, they struggle to bring an end to the growing Civil War in the desert. Melainie battles to keep her sanity as she faces destruction from many fronts. Will the warrior queen bring peace to her kingdom before they declare her unworthy and destroy her family?


Short Stories:

Trapped Within

~ Based in the P.O.V. of Torrick's father, King Rorick Vinick Domorin, this quick read will submerge the reader into the tragedy that Rorick faced for the remainder of his life, "living" with a Shadow Spirit. Unlike Torrick, Rorick could not take back complete control over his own body, even with his most extraordinary willpower. Rarely did Rorick regain power; the few occasions involved awaking suddenly from a nightmare or when the demon inside, The Shadow King, was weakened from love or other positive emotions and experiences.

Whenever he slipped in and out of consciousness, his memories failed him. The constant lack of control and little time when he did have dominance, wasn't enough for him to learn the truth or remember what happened since he was possessed. Often he had to relive the panicked realization that after he was possessed, he murdered his own wife and banished his son, spreading a lie to the people that the boy was the killer. After learning the truth, the cycle would repeat itself when The Shadow King would regain command, sending Rorick's spirit to the back of his mind. There, Rorick could see, hear, feel and taste whatever The Shadow King could through his body.

Despite this repetitive and dark life, Rorick would try to ignore the things The Shadow King did with his body by keeping his attention to the inside of his mind by exploring past memory databases and archives within his brain. Rorick couldn't control his body, but he continued to fight in ways he could to survive within his own head.


Super Editions:

Torn Fate

~ This upcoming story will reveal some "behind the scenes" schemes and huge moments shared between the villains as they work for their master, but still remain individuals living their own strange "new" lives. As they commit their glorious crimes against The Ones of Light and the world of the living, they silently fight for their own personal needs and secret desires. This book will be restricted to adult readers, for there will be dark, steamy romance within the pages. If you liked or despised Torin and Lilymay, you will love/hate this story from their point of views. 

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