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The Deity Jewels: Part Two, Omen of Demise - (Paperback)

The Deity Jewels: Part Two, Omen of Demise - (Paperback)

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Following the events of The Deity Jewels: Part One, The Prophecy, we will see more of Trindavin and uncover more secrets within the characters' lives. Follow your favorite characters as their story in another world with magic, betrayal, war, romance, life, and death continues.

Evaleana and Torrick have come this far on their strange, thriller of an adventure, and now its time for them to face more challenges and tests that will bring out the good and evil in them. As they hunt down The Deity Jewels, they flee to the desert to meet strange Royals that will impact their lives in ways they never saw coming. After they endure a painful and dangerous series of steps, they come across what has been haunting Torrick for years.

His Omen of Demise.

"Love will blind you. You will deny what is so clear. Your childish dream will manipulate you, and in the end, you will watch it swiftly turn into a nightmare. Blood will betray you. And after fate has taken its toll, the beast within you will rise."

What awaits The Enchanter and Enchantress as they continue their mission? How will their lives change after this twisted and dark journey? Pick this book up now and follow their steps into this strange and cruel world.



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    Forth Edition
    March 11, 2020
    Perfect-bound Paperback
    Interior Ink
    Black & white
    1.29 lbs.
    Dimensions (inches)
    6 wide x 9 tall
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