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November 2021 Updates

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Recent updates!

New stories, new products, and more!

The Deity Jewels: Part One, The Prophecy now is available in Hardcover format! 

[ Hardcovers ]


Newest Vocal Post:

A new short story mini-series based in Cythia's point of view!

Cythia's New Path

Read here: https://vocal.media/fiction/t-co-e-cythia-s-new-path


Recent New Additions:

TCoE Short Stories:

[ Divine Killer ]

Suam Novam Vitam (SNV) ]

Adara's Curse (AC) ]

Emerald Flames ]

Calypsia ] 


Vocal Series:

SNV 1.2 Emissio ]

AC 1 ]

AC 2 ]


Narrations are now available for some stories!

https://vocal.media/journal/narrations <


Audiobooks ]


For a guide to the series:

https://vocal.media/futurism/the-chronicles-of-enchantments < 


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