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The Deity Jewels will be available on Kindle Vella soon!

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Happy to announce I finally got around to exploring further into Kindle Vella! I have started to submit my first book of The Chronicles of Enchantments, The Deity Jewels, and the first piece will be available February 5th!

For those who are intimidated by thick paperbacks and hardcovers, this will combine but also break down the 500 pages of Part One, 482 pages of Part Two, and 226 pages of Part Three, all into one book that will be split up into "episodes" for easier reading.

Since Amazon won't allow me to sell a massive book comprised of all three parts, this is the solution I'm going to try to offer!

These chapters will be revised so if you've previously read prior editions of the paperbacks, there will be new content spliced in! I will release the paperbacks and hardcovers with these edits soon for those who still prefer the traditional methods of reading entertainment! ;)

I hope that breaking it all down will help since the significant drop of attention-spans have escalated dramatically over the last few years. I'll admit I've been writing more short stories than my novels due to this fact in hopes to reach more readers.

However, opening up a paperback or hardcover and its smell filling up your senses to relax before bed is much healthier than scrolling or watching TV and will help you sleep better. Unless of course you find yourself trapped in the story and unable to stop turning the pages and end up staying up all night 🤣 but that's still better than the depression, insomnia, and damage to your eyes that comes with your screens 🤷🏼‍♀️😂😉❤

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