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Cythia - "Fire" - Beer Steins

Cythia - "Fire" - Beer Steins

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Raise a glass for those who have been mistreated and abused. Raise a glass for those who have lost everything. Celebrate overcoming struggles with the loyal warrior, Cythia!


Cythia, a Sithmora Outcast and most loyal and brave friend to Enchantress Evaleana. Despite her dark past, she remains caring and passionate. She helps protect Eva and Torrick on their dangerous journey. 


Learn more on my website, www.mel-e-furnish.com!

Reading sample: vocal.media/futurism/the-end-of-before




Premium Paperbacks: 


Artist: Jordan Ivey

Follow her on Instagram! @ivess___

"Fire" - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4fdiJ1JKPl/


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