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Torin & Torrick - "What's wrong, Torrick?" - Custom Can Cooler
Torin & Torrick - "What's wrong, Torrick?" - Custom Can Cooler
Torin & Torrick - "What's wrong, Torrick?" - Custom Can Cooler
Mel E. Furnish

Torin & Torrick - "What's wrong, Torrick?" - Custom Can Cooler

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Custom Can Cooler are made from a 100% polyester topped-neoprene with black foam back lining. Hand wash in cool or warm water with mild detergent, allow to air dry.



Book Two: The Prophecy of Elements

Chapter Three: Haunting Past

A young boy with messy black hair collapsed to his knees and crushed the surrounding patches of plant life.  He panted from a strange confliction. As his hands started to feel numb, he felt his heart begin to pound harder. The eerie peace encasing him shut out everything else. A loud roaring erupted within as all he could hear was his racing heartbeats. As he struggled to hoist himself up, his head started to get heavy, and his vision started to blur. He crawled on his hands and knees to a small pond nearby.

When he reached its edge, he slowly looked into the water’s surface to see his new reflection. A red glow started to spread over the water as his face darkened. A demonic presence revealed itself within his throbbing mind as his voice taunted him.

“What’s wrong, Torrick?”

Young Torrick’s eyes widened as he witnessed the crimson shade creep and engulf his once blue irises. Within seconds, a red mist shifted around his face as he felt his blood run cold. Goosebumps swiftly sprang up along his skin as the hair on his spine prickled. His breathing slowed as he started to lose consciousness. As darkness started to overwhelm him, he felt his body fall to another. He watched his reflection with sheer terror as his finger touched the corner of his lips.

“Why don’t you smile, Torrick?” Torrick felt his heartbeat begin to fade as the man’s dark voice rumbled within his cursed mind. Torrick helplessly watched his hand make a half-smirk on his cold face. Abruptly Torrick drifted into the darkest abyss of sleep. 


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Artist: Ally Furnish

Follow her on Instagram! @blalfy

"What’s wrong, Torrick?" - copyright © 2019 - Ally Furnish


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