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TCoE - Torrick & Torin, Ethia, Cythia - Character Ottomans
TCoE - Torrick & Torin, Ethia, Cythia - Character Ottomans

TCoE - Torrick & Torin, Ethia, Cythia - Character Ottomans

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Decorate your home with these characters from The Chronicles of Enchantments!



Featured Characters:

Torrick: a cursed prince who must fight for his life every day. His ongoing inner battle with his Shadow Spirit, Torin, is exhausting and strains his mental state. Despite his cold and calculating demeanor, he is a hero. Will he ever defeat his demons? Will he ever be able to feel again? Or will he never learn to move on? Will he feed the negative beast within, or will he manage to escape it? Who will win in the end?

Ethia: another Shadow Spirit, and like Torin, she was released to take control over The Star of Enchantments. Her host, Enchantress Evaleana. Despite her cursed existence, also like Torin, she was once a kind-hearted person with dreams and many skills. Unfortunately, she was killed and her soul never found peace. Instead, it was taken by Dark Angels under the command of Demise and was tainted. They bottled her spirit and sent it to Domorda with many others. Later, her cursed spirit was secretly stolen by Princess Lilymay for her own benefit. She released Ethia with the order to take control over Eva, murder the man who killed the last Enchantress, and destroy the nearby village. After she proved herself, she was commanded to bring Torin back to Lilymay.

Cythia: a Sithmora Outcast and most loyal and brave friend to Enchantress Evaleana. Despite her dark past, she remains caring and passionate. She helps protect Eva and Torrick on their dangerous journey. 



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Reading sample: vocal.media/futurism/the-end-of-before




Premium Paperbacks: 




Cythia - "Fire" - Artist: @ivess___

"Fire" - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4fdiJ1JKPl/


Ethia - Cosplay - @mel.e.furnish



Torrick - "brooding boi" - Artist: @ivess___

"brooding boi" - https://www.instagram.com/p/B5CZq-jpMZY/


Torrick & Torin - "smile" - Artist: @ivess___

"smile" - https://www.instagram.com/p/B3_gv4IJdFp/


Torrick - "wishful thinking" - Artist: @ivess___

"wishful thinking" - https://www.instagram.com/p/BwDk6Y_pk6C/

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