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Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds
Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds
Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds
Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds
Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds
Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds

Princess Lilymay - Dog Beds

सामान्य कीमत $29.90 $0.00 यूनिट मूल्य प्रति

18x28 inch
30x40 inch
40x50 inch

The printable area is white

Print Side:
One-sided print

Indoor Dog Bed - A coral fleece top, dark brown cotton duck backing
Water Resistant Dog Bed - weather-resistant polyester top, waterproof cotton duck bottom in black
Both - polyester fill bun insert, zipper closure

Print Technique:
Dye Sublimination

Made In:
United States

Prints In/Ships From:

The cover is machine-washable. Wash in cold water, tumble dry on low. Do not bleach.

Polybag and boxed


Book One: 

The Deity Jewels, Part One: The Prophecy

Chapter 2: Followed and Imprisoned 

Excerpt from page 43.

“Having trouble, brother?” called a familiar voice. Torrick’s eyes grew wide. He then grasped the handle of his sword, ready to fight. The young lady’s voice was smooth and elegant. The source was coming from behind him, standing beside the dumbwaiter, leaning against the wall. He heard feet shuffle, and he could tell the figure was moving to stand right behind him, right beside the bed.

“Well, that is no way to treat your sister after being gone so long. I missed you brother. The whole time you were gone, I begged father to bring you back. But he wouldn’t allow it until you returned, and had proven yourself. Well, I bet you already know what I’m talking about, my clever brother. But I’m just going to remind you anyway. Do you remember your King’s orders?

“To prove yourself worthy, you were commanded to capture the grand prize, the next Enchantress. Your people will think better of you now. I suggest you be grateful to our father. He didn’t have to cover up your embarrassing escape and murdering our mother. But of course, they’ll still think it was you who had murdered your blood.” She coolly explained with a demonic smug grin.

Torrick glared at his younger sister, “Stop playing. You know that was all Torin. He was serving Demise, and I think you plotted with him. Didn’t you?”

“Oh, brother,” Lilymay sighed. “Welcome home.”

Copyright 2017 by Mel E. Furnish


Learn more on my website, www.mel-e-furnish.com!

Reading sample: vocal.media/futurism/the-end-of-before



The Legend of Evaleana:

Book One: The Deity Jewels:

- Part One: The Prophecy

- Part Two: Omen of Demise

- Part Three: The Final Battle

Book Two: The Prophecy of Elements (coming soon)

Book Three: The Hourglass of Enchantments

Short Stories:

Healing Scars of the Past

> ebook <

> paperback < 

The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel

> ebook <

> paperback

Super Editions:

Shadow of Secrets

> ebook <

> paperback < 


Artist: Ally Furnish

Follow her on Instagram! @blalfy

"Princess Lilymay" - https://www.instagram.com/p/CK1Z7QugS-r/


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