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Melainie - "Shadow of Secrets" - Tablecloths
Melainie - "Shadow of Secrets" - Tablecloths

Melainie - "Shadow of Secrets" - Tablecloths

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Princess Melainie

From a lonely princess to a warrior queen, Melainie is no longer the little girl she once was. Her role in the wars to come will affect her eternity among gods and goddesses, above and below. 

To step into her life, read the Super Edition: Shadow of Secrets!


Learn more on my website, www.mel-e-furnish.com!

Reading sample: vocal.media/futurism/the-end-of-before






Artist: Brianna Murray

Follow her on Instagram! @once_upon_a_lifetime_

To see all the products with her designs:

  • Search the tag, “BrennyArt”
  • See the “Mel & Brenny Collection”.
  • Click the “Home” dropdown menu at the top, select “Mel & Brenny”


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