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TCoE - "Live and Let Die" - Ladies Wedge Espadrilles
TCoE - "Live and Let Die" - Ladies Wedge Espadrilles
TCoE - "Live and Let Die" - Ladies Wedge Espadrilles
TCoE - "Live and Let Die" - Ladies Wedge Espadrilles

TCoE - "Live and Let Die" - Ladies Wedge Espadrilles

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Book One: 

The Deity Jewels, Part Three: The Final Battle

Chapter 15:

Live and Let Die

Excerpt from page 206.

Fitin commenced to cry as she went limp, and her eyes started to close. Her coughing worsened. Drops of poison escaped her lips and mixed with the scarlet liquid that trickled down her chin and onto her neck. A single tear streamed down her cheek and collided with the tainted blood. Her eyes dulled as the life within faded, and her heart slowly failed. Her vision began to darken, and her limbs numbed.

An explosion of uncontrollable twitching and muscle spasms erupted, and her body had a mind of its own, a delusional mind that was faltering under the chokehold of merciless insanity. As moments passed slowly like years, her eyes rolled back into her head, and gradually, the quivering ceased. Everything grew silent and still. Locked inside a world of grief, Fitin could no longer hold back his tears. The love of his life, his world, his everything; was gone.  

A growing wind whistled through the trees in the courtyard. Fitin closed his eyes as he buried his face in his bloodied, calloused hands. A whisper suddenly summoned his attention. There was a heavenly, smooth, echoing voice in the air around him. Fitin leisurely lowered his hands, blinked open his eyes, and glanced up toward the rainy dark sky. He threw back his head and screamed out in agony from his grief.

Copyright 2018 by Mel E. Furnish


Learn more on my website, www.mel-e-furnish.com!





Artist: Ally Furnish

Follow her on Instagram! @blalfy

"Live and Let Die" - https://www.instagram.com/p/B6qoY21pndo/



Conversion size chart
35 36
UK Women Shoe 3 3.5
USA Women Shoe 6 6.5
Max Foot Length cm / Inches 22.5 - 8 23 - 9
37 38
UK Women Shoe 4 4.5 - 5
USA Women Shoe 7 7.5
Max Foot Length cm / Inches 23.5 - 9.25 24.5 - 9.6
39 40
UK Women Shoe 5.5 6
USA Women Shoe 8.5 9
Max Foot Length cm / Inches 25 - 9.8 25.8 - 10
UK Women Shoe 6.5 - 7
USA Women Shoe 10
Max Foot Length cm / Inches 26.5 - 10.4



  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Natural jute platform
  • Cotton and canvas body
  • Wedge heel design
  • Handmade to order

Care instruction

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

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