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TCoE - Torrick & Torin - "smile" - Gift Wrap
TCoE - Torrick & Torin - "smile" - Gift Wrap
Mel E. Furnish

TCoE - Torrick & Torin - "smile" - Gift Wrap

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******* His scarlet glare glistened in the water, the reflection of Torrick's face rippled on the surface as his finger pressed into his cheek, distorting his frown into a grin. "Why don't you smile, Torrick?" Torin taunted as a sinister laugh echoed within Torrick's head. **** Torrick, the cursed Prince of Domorda, is never alone with a Shadow Spirit bound to his soul. The name of his inner demon is Torin, a young man who was brutally murdered years before and tainted by darkness. **** **** Learn more on my website, www.mel-e-furnish.com! **** Beautiful artwork by Jordan Ivey, the Torrick "smile" portrait! This is an edited version done with PhotoScape X. Show support for Ivey's work and follow her! Or by purchasing products with the tag "IveyArt" or under the Mel & Ivey Collection and Page! Original Artwork: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3_gv4IJdFp/ *******

Designer Wrapping Paper

Designer Wrapping Paper

  • 140gsm luxury paper
  • Printed with my original artwork
  • Rolled 24.01" x 62.20" or 24.01" x 31.10"
  • Vibrant, permanent print
  • Handmade

Care instruction

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